-Book Cover Art starting from 90$
-E-Books covers starting from 20$
-CD Cover Art starting from 80$

No royalties requested!

How to: 
Please email me you idea & book argument/info, if you already have one, feel free to explain to me specialy the colors and overal feel of the work (fantasy, melancholy, happiness,etc).
if you have a specific style you want me to use, please check my gallery to use as example or  if its from another artist Do send the example in your email too.

YES i do simple non-fantasy related covers too!

I will look for the resources and present the basic idea if you don't have one in particular. I use Adobe stocks that are HD images.

I can always edit the design for you free of charge if you want it along the way. But I can give you the PSD file for the fonts & ornaments if added for a 10$ extra fee. 
I know book covers tend to change many times before its published.

If you bought a Already made cover and you want me to change just fonts &  design, its free of charge. If its something important in it (model, background, add item), the fee will be 10$ for the cover you already bought.   

JUST WANT MY  STOCKS? Buy the license release here ->
Photomanipulations & Advertising
What I can do:

- Cleaning of impurities and imperfections.
- Custom Photomontages.
- Deleting people or objects.
- Retouching and color changes, both hair and clothes.
- Design of flyers, posters, websites, books, cards, etc..

-Simple face/portraid retouch  5$
-Portraids with background & objects
-Personal Fullbody with background & objects
-Logos, banners, product advertisings

Send me a email with your request and to my email the photo you want me to edited or the link to it. Specify colors you want, shape, theme and what you want me to express in it.
I will send you the finished work watermarked and after the payment is done, i'll send it full size to your email.
For commercial use the fee will be of 60$ more.
Please keep in mind, There are no refunds.

Artists hold the rights to their arts and we decide how we apply the terms.

I grant commercial permission for the purpose of the products you need, not for you to use and abuse my art.
Paying for something does not equate to ownership of it under copyright law. You may own a physical copy of the work – a photo print, a painting, a CD – but that does not automatically give you ownership rights in the copyright of the work itself. If you have hired and paid an artist or photographer to create a visual image for your album cover, that artist or photographer will still own the copyright in the work unless that creator has assigned the copyright ownership to you or your band. The assignment of copyright will often include a higher fee and/or a payment of future royalties in exchange for the creator giving up his or her intellectual property rights.

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